Integrating Different Lifestyles


Living with a Free Spirit

Planning is often an important part of any lifestyle, but there are those who believe that spontaneous actions are much more acceptable. They see life as an open field of dreams where they can do what they want, and they are seldom concerned with the consequences. Living with a free spirit like this can be fun at first, but a committed relationship might require just a bit less spontaneity. Each person in the relationship must be willing to compromise, but the person who prefers to plan must be ready to also learn how to live life a bit on the wild side.

Doing things with little planning is often a recipe for disaster in the mind of those who prefer to plan their life, so being with someone who is as free as the wind can show them a different side of life. They might see it as a better way to live, but that will end when just one incident goes wrong. While their partner might shake off a few bad consequences, the planner will return to the disaster in their mind until it bursts out during an argument.

Getting along with each other is a big part of having a good relationship, so letting an incident fester can halt the partnership. While being spontaneous is important, the free spirit needs to understand that it is not always an acceptable way for their partner to go through life. They must also find ways to compromise, and they must learn that there are times when planning makes a difference.

Two people with very different ideas of how to go through life can find ways to have a good relationship, and neither of them should be expected to give up everything they enjoy. For those who love doing things spontaneously, there will be a time and place for their lifestyle. They must also learn that planning can make the fun times with their partner even better.