Integrating Different Lifestyles


Moving in Together

When a couple decides they are compatible enough to make a deeper commitment, they often consider moving in together to test their relationship. It will be a smooth transition for some, but many of them will find it is loaded with dangerous decisions that can cast the mold for a lifetime. Those who find agreement difficult to reach will have to learn how to compromise, and the couples who find it impossible should understand they might not be suited for a long term relationship.

The thought of spending a lifetime with another person should be one looked forward to eagerly by both people in the relationship, so making the decision to live together should fill them with elation. Each person should experience a warm feeling at the thought of having the same address, and they should be willing to make many compromises to make the situation work.

If the partners are not willing to compromise when moving in together, they should consider whether or not they are ready for this important step. Those who are determined to succeed should discuss seeing a counselor to help them work out their differences, and they could be pleasantly surprised to find out they just need a little help getting started. Those who refuse to go to counseling could be waving a red flag that signifies they do not belong in the relationship at all.

There are many different ways couples test their compatibility today, and living together is a major one for most of them. The decisions they will face on where to live, how to furnish their home, and who gets to choose are ones that will set the stage for how they make decisions in the future. If they do not find mutual ground for compromise, they should think about the possibility of getting help or breaking up.